Move to Panorama (or Media) with Password

We’ve received quite a few requests from you guys asking how you can password protect the movement from one panorama (or room) to the next. Especially for virtual escape rooms and e-learning where you want to make sure your visitors solved a problem before moving on, that is a crucial feature.

While there’s not a general setting to request a password before moving on to another panorama, this will do the trick:

The way to move from Panorama 1 to Panorama 2 is by Deep Linking, so by changing the browser URL. For instance, if your tour URL is and you’ll automatically start in Panorama 1, you can go to Panorama 2 by setting the URL to That means you place your hotspot icon to move to Panorama 2, but instead of giving it the action “Open Panorama”, you assign the action “Open URL” and insert the deep link leading straight to Panorama 2 (Ideally, you would also add to the URL that it’ll skip the loading screen to make for a more seamless experience). Using this and a JavaScript action on that same hotspot you can ask for the code 1234 with this JavaScript code:

if (window.prompt('Enter Code') == '1234')    window.location.href = '' ;

Replace with your actual tour URL and for previewing purposes, keep in mind that this will only work in virtual tours viewed in the browser. If you preview your tour in the Tour Viewer App, you won’t be asked for a password. Press Ctrl+N to open the tour in your default browser and then proceed there.

And that’s how you can password protect certain media or areas of your virtual tour to keep sensitive data protected or to add a gamification element to your virtual tour.

Note: Careful if you want to securely protect sensitive data with this. What’s password protected in this approach is the hotspot that leads to the new media. Somebody who knows or guesses the deep link URL may be able to directly access the media by typing in that deep link URL. If you really need to properly protect sensitive data, it would be better to create a second tour, password protect that entire tour (either in VT PRO if you host with 3DVista or else on your server) and then deep link to that other tour. That way, the password is based on the entire tour and your server rather than on the click of the hotspot icon which could be circumvented.

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