Productivity Revolution #3: Quick Actions

Quick Actions are our new way of optimizing the process of hotspot creation. They're an alternative way of setting hotspots, saving you many clicks when it comes to putting your tour together. The time- and click savings are tremendous and makes this update a big deal especially for those who create many or very large virtual tours with lots of interactivity.

Floating vs Sticker Hotspots

We've recently developed a new hotspot type and it hasn't been properly announced yet. So here's the official blog post on the new Floating Hotspots and how they're different from Sticker Hotspots.

Extend your icon library

Did you know that you can save our sample icons to your library? All you need to do is download our demo tours, open them in VT PRO and click on the icon you want to save. Click on the little orange settings icon right below and select "Save this icon to your library". This... Continue Reading →

Features Presented: HOTSPOTS

In this series, we'll present our Virtual Tour PRO (VT PRO) features one by one. And Hotspots, we thought, are definitely a worthy feature to kick this series off with. They are what'll make your virtual tours stand out from others as they allow you to truly convert your show into an interactive, interesting and... Continue Reading →

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